Survive your Separation

without it costing the shirt
off your back

Separation can be one of the most traumatic experiences 
you will face in this journey of life.

BUT it does not need to cost your sanity or thousands 

of dollars in legal fees.

Truly there is a better way – I am here to tell you how.

There are many challenges, obstacles and mind fog that will overcome you in this journey and at times you will feel:

  • Scared
  • Confused
  • Alone
  • Frustrated
  • Despondent
  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Despair
  • Lost

Separation lets be quite frank, it is grief/loss and trauma, a storm that you may not be prepared for.

At no point when you were committing or saying your “I do’s” or watching your children being born did you think, I really need to ensure I have a manual in case I separate.  

Sadly, the reality is the average length of a marriage in Australia is about 12years.

In 2018 alone there were 49,404 divorces in Australia. There are many relationships where people did not walk down an aisle.  Many relationships where children were born into this circle of life.

I say especially if there is children involved –to my clients the number one challenge to you as the ADULT and their parent is “you do not want your children to have to recover from their childhood”.

I've been you and this is why I'm so passionate to help

In places like this especially when your children are involved it can be extremely difficult to gain clarity, hope, untangle the knots within, seek the solutions – THIS is where I step in- but first who is Jodie Myintoo?

I am a mother of 3 children, a daughter and two sons. I am in my second marriage. My first husband and I never stepped into a court room and we were able to focus on our son so that he had the best of both of us.

Then I met my 2nd husband who we have been together for nearly 19years. I met him he was not seeing his children and was living in a room at his brothers, sleeping on mattress on the floor.

He then was able to see his children under supervision.   Until he agreed that he would continue to pay the mortgage of the property he had been removed from, once he signed that, he was granted access to his children overnight.  He also had to pay child support on top of the mortgage.

He was clueless, he had 9 intervention applications placed against him. Not one was granted.
We spent close to 20K and we were no closer to solving any of the issues, there was only two options left.

    • 1. Walk away as we ran out of money
    • 2. Self-represent and learn the system

It was the second choice because the first choice just was not an option. His children deserve to have a meaningful relationship with their father.  So, this is where we began the journey.

At the end of this road, after learning so much. I went on to study and wanted to support other parents like my husband.  I knew the system was overwhelming, confusing and if you did not know how it worked it could be disastrous. So, with all that I learnt and furthering my studies I became a counsellor that wanted to support others that had similar stories.

In the 15years I have been doing this I have met many who have travelled this journey.

I have created these different packages for people like yourself so that you can:

  • Gain much needed clarity
  • Have someone who has the knowledge of the system
  • Have someone who wants to keep your money in your bank account
  • Gain resilience and strength 
  • Get Solutions not the doubt
  • Be Pro-active not reactive
  • Be a light of hope in what can feel like a dark path

"Thank you so much for all the support and practical help you gave me.  I found typing my affidavit a nightmare you took this away from me and with information I gave you, you turned it to a strong story. Cannot thank you enough for you and your advice in how to be in court and keep my focus was invaluable.  I wanted you to know that I actually was given more time with my kids than what I had put in my orders.  I cannot thank you enough for listening and offering me the support.  Given I had no money and I had to represent myself you helped me do this by offering your time and your talent to turn my story to a legible document was gold to me.  Glad that I was given your number.  Keep the work up fathers like me need you.   CRAIG STEWART WA

Jodie Myintoo is a leading counsellor specialising in relationship breakdown and family law based in Melbourne, Australia.  She consults privately from her clinic in Melbourne, specifically focused on separating men and women and family law.

She also focuses on a wide range of associated psychological issues including grief, trauma, resilience and effectively managing stress.

Jodie is also an upbeat engaging speaker and author.

DIPC qualified counsellor, studied with a Government accredited school. Member or Australian Counselling Association.

Specialist in supporting fathers/mothers through the process of separation and guide for those self-representing in court.

Tools and resources to deal with relationship breakdown.

10 years as a mentor for Encouragement for Men.

Founder/Director of charity “Glimmer for Pets” – charity that supports dogs in Domestic Violence.

The Benefits working with Jodie

"I only wish I had found out about Jodie sooner"
  • Step by step process so that you can understand the everything that you need to do
  • Saves you time and money so that you only spend what you need to
  • Always children focused so that you can be represented the best way you can

" After the breakdown of my marriage in 2010, I found myself in the middle of a legal and emotional nightmare.

Realising that my future, that of my children, home and lifestyle were at risk, I found myself overcome by a variety of emotions, none of which was conducive to the preparation of an effective representation in court.

Whilst I had consulted a competent solicitor, I knew that it would take many expensive hours to formulate and fine tune an affidavit.

With limited financial resources at my disposal I knew that if I didn’t engage a cost effective, empathetic professional to assist me to put together an affidavit, that I stood to lose all that I had valued and worked for.

At this point I was referred to Encouragement’s principal, Jodie Pearson.
With Encouragement’s assistance I collected vital documents and facts, whilst Jodie presented it all in an appropriate, formal affidavit format, prior to submission to my legal team.

During my dealings with Encouragement, I found that Jodie, a veteran of the family law system, could identify with my feelings, whilst she remained focused on compiling my affidavit.

As such I have no hesitation in recommending Encouragement to anyone seeking a professional, cost effective means of preparing an affidavit.
"  John R Savannah

Who these packages are for: 

  • For someone who wants to be pro-active and understand how the system works
  • For someone who is tired of not knowing the rules/regulations and really wants to get clarification on what is meaningful
  • For someone who wants to be informed, keep the dollars in their pocket
  • For someone who is willing to listen and learn
  • For someone who will be honest, open, and courageous
  • For someone who wants to put their child or children first

Who this work is NOT for.

  • Who would rather be reactive and focused on the ex-partner?
  • Who want to continue to take advice from only friends and colleagues?
  • Who does not want to be honest or step up to be pro-active?
  • Who does not want to commit to learning and understanding?
  • Who does not want to put your child/children first?


I will spend 60minutes with you via zoom/skype.  This is called the GET STARTED NOW. I will give you an outlive of what you will need to do.  The investment is only $97.

This call includes the following all valued at $297 save $200 immediately

  • 1 x 60 counselling consultation
  • 1 Parenting Plan questions template
  • Copy of 3 mind maps

You will be sent a link to book a time and if I believe I can support you with the package of your choice based on your circumstances then this $97 will go towards any of the packages that you choose

If at any stage, you do not want to go any further you will have the right information to take to other sources or to do it yourself.  I will even give you templates and mind maps to help support you. This is worth $297.

Many solicitors will charge for the first consultation and you can pay up to $450 an hour.  I know sadly as I have many clients that have paid this, and dived in and walked away more confused, unaware how this system works and certainly not feeling emotionally supported which is what a family law counsellor like myself aims for.  To support you!

This journey is about you and your child or children.

I want you to walk away with value, with something in your hand, as I understand that you may not see us working as a team or this being a fit because it needs to be so it works in the best interest of you. Plus, you may not be ready to embark on the journey as yet that is ok.  You need to do this when you are ready.

"When i first spoke too Jodie i knew i had a friend in all the confusion and frustration that a custody battle brings especially when you are a dad, whether you are the primary care giver or a dad going through a custody and or seeking access to your children /child. being a dad it seems everywhere you turn it is all about the mums, but Jodie completely understands what men are experiencing through the courts and in general.

Jodie is extremely focused, very knowledgeable. deeply passionate, i believe that Jodie runs her support business with her heart n soul .to me Jodie is angle, i never thought existed in these sole draining times. I will be for ever grateful for what Jodie has
done for myself, which in effect helps the most precious persons or people in our lives our children. Jodie is highly profession with a big heart for the service in which she provides.

Jodie has given me more than just encouragement. Jodie has given me the tools to move forward and stay focused and take the confusion away, to do just that. Jodie has also told me about her own life experiences with family court procedures which in my opinion makes her business all the more real, I highly recommend.

Jodie, encouragement for men, if you are experiencing custody court issues give Jodie a call." Michael Richardson

After our initial call, I will be able to prescribe the best package for you if we decide to work with each other. Here are the current packages available and I give you the pricing so there are NO surprises for you.

Beginners $397

  • 2 x 60 counselling consultation
  • 1 Parenting Plan questions template
  • 1 typed parenting plan
  • Mediation what this is
  • Copy of 3 mind maps

Application Package $997

  • 3 x60min counselling appointments
  • Survive your divorce e-book
  • 1 applicant affidavit
  • 1 notice of risk
  • 1 Parenting plan
  • 1 applicant application
  • Copy of the 3 mind maps
  • Video on Carrot Dangling
  • Understanding Family Violence Orders

Responding Package $1197

  • 3 x60min counselling appointments
  • Survive your divorce e-book
  • 1 responding affidavit
  • 1 notice of risk
  • 1 Parenting plan
  • 1 responding applicant application
  • Copy of the 3 mind maps
  • Video on Carrot Dangling
  • Understanding Family Violence Orders

Extras Package $497

  • What is an ICL ?
  • What is an 11F ?
  • How do I understand a family report ?
  • What is inclusive of child and exclusive of child?
  • Why do the courts ask for different records?
  • Why do I have to attend different courses?
  • 2 x 60 minute counselling appointments

Jodie will work out which package suits your circumstances best. Book in for your Session today.

""My daughter had been missing for 2 years and I didn’t know where to start the paperwork to put it together so I could start the legal process of looking for her.

I was given Encouragement for Men’s number.  I meet with Jodie who was easy to talk with and listened.  I found that Jodie listened with genuine interest and compassion to my situation.

Within a week I had the paperwork I needed to proceed through the legal system and start looking for my daughter.  

I was able to contact Jodie and leave a question that I might not of understood and she would seek an answer for me.  Being self-representing it was overwhelming but having someone behind me giving the encouragement and typing those documents made it easier.  I would recommend Encouragement for Men, it was so helpful, quick to deliver documents and was genuinely interested in my case." RB Victoria


No there is a light and it is not in thousands of dollars.

You contact me so I can direct you to what mediation is.

  • This is not about father’s/mother’s this is about the children they have the right to have a meaningful relationship with both their parents.

 "Feeling a little bit emotional today. 6 years in family court and up until 30minutes ago I had felt no change. In short today was a small victory but a victory never-the-less and the most beautiful part of it was; I did not have to dig into my pocket for another 15 grand for a solicitor, self-representing but I couldn’t have done it totally alone, thanks to this beautiful lady Jodie Myintoo for her guidance and support she did more for me in the last 8 months than 3 solicitors did in 6 years.

If any of you need assistance to self-represent and simple cannot afford to pull out another 15grand I recommend telling her your story." Chris Tulloch Qld

"I can’t thank Jodie Myintoo counselling enough for the help and encouragement she has given me over the last 4 years. It has now been a year now since court for me has finished and I still can’t believe that I got 50% care of my daughter and also Self represented through the last 2 years of it.

I’ve known Jodie for 4 years now and I still remember in the early days when she was counselling me , I believed fathers had no rights and was unsure where I stood legally , but after every session I had with Jodie my confidence started to grow and It was the last 2 years that I had enough confidence to move forward and Self represent in court after many attempts at mediation failed , and it was Jodie who always put things in perspective when things weren’t going well and helped me to remain focused. I remember the Family report writer saying she wished more Dads knew about Jodie Myintoo Counselling as she believed there are not a lot of services available like hers for Dads and my first affidavit I submitted to the court they complimented on how well it was prepared .

I also remember the day before my Christmas party my ex wouldn’t let me take my daughter , I contacted Jodie in the morning , a letter was drafted and sent to my ex partners lawyer by lunchtime and late afternoon I get a message by my ex-partner saying my daughter can go . Jodie definitely goes above and beyond for her clients and has a wealth of knowledge of the legal system. Even now that court is done for me I’m still going to see Jodie and I’m more confident, my mindset has changed , I just see things different and approach life in a positive manner and that’s all thanks to Jodie . I thought it be fitting to post my review on Father’s Day and to hopefully inspire Fathers and for me being a Father is the greatest job I will have. W Anonymous Victoria

Jodie MyIntoo

I am someone who has walked my talk, I have lived this experience but then expanded on my wisdom and studied to be a therapist.  I have walked in your shoes; I want to be able to help you along this journey. I look forward to working with you.

  "Many, many thanks for all your help!

Your encouragement, attention to detail, general advice was invaluable.  My solicitor was impressed with my documentation and it required no further input from him or his staff before presenting it to the court.

You were unstinting of your time on the phone and provided much needed emotional support. I was successful in part because of the documentation and the quality thereof, but also because I followed your advise and kept records, remained calm and avoided unnecessary contact.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to spend a whole week with my kids after not being able to see them properly for so long.

Once again, thank you and I wish you every success in your business.  We fathers need someone like you! " :  Chris Lorenz QLD