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        Thank you so much for all the support and practical help you gave me.  I found typing my affidavit a nightmare you took this away from me and with information I gave you, you turned it to a strong story. Cannot thank you enough for you and your advice in how to be in court and keep my focus was invaluable.  I wanted you to know that I actually was given more time with my kids than what I had put in my orders.  I cannot thank you enough for listening and offering me the support.  Given I had no money and I had to represent myself you helped me do this by offering your time and your talent to turn my story to a legible document was gold to me.  Glad that I was given your number.  Keep the work up fathers like me need you. 


        My daughter had been missing for 2 years and I didn’t know where to start the paperwork to put it together so I could start the legal process of looking for her.

        I was given Encouragement for Men’s number.  I meet with Jodie who was easy to talk with and listened.  I found that Jodie listened with genuine interest and compassion to my situation.

        Within a week I had the paperwork I needed to proceed through the legal system and start looking for my daughter.  

        I was able to contact Jodie and leave a question that I might not of understood and she would seek an answer for me.  Being self-representing it was overwhelming but having someone behind me giving the encouragement and typing those documents made it easier.  I would recommend Encouragement for Men, it was so helpful, quick to deliver documents and was genuinely interested in my case." 

        RB Victoria